Baha Holdings, Inc. owns, operates and invests in alternative asset management companies and cutting edge financial services, financial data and technology firms.

We help fintech startups, sophisticated investors, and advisors to structure new product platforms and optimize investment opportunities.

About Baha Holdings, Inc.


Baha Holdings, Inc. is a private management, consulting and holding company that focuses on developing early stage startup companies in the alternative investment and technology space. Launched in 2004, our portfolio currently includes media ventures, financial technology companies, investment advisors, commodity trading advisors, hedge funds, real estate ventures and other related businesses.


We are particularly interested in seeding innovative startups in the rapidly growing financial technology (FinTech) sector.


Christian Baha is the sole owner of Baha Holdings. Mr. Baha personally guides and directs the company and its ventures. During the course of his 24+ years of experience directing financial services and technology companies, and operating alternative investment vehicles, Mr. Baha's companies have raised more than 2 billion dollars in assets, accumulated hundreds of awards and accolades for performance and innovation.

Christian Baha

About Christian Baha

Christian Baha was drawn towards quantitative research at an early age and founded his first company in 1992 which was primarily engaged in the development of chart analysis software. Today baha GmbH is a leading real-time data and financial technology provider, and serves customers in over 25 countries.

Mr. Christian Baha is the founder of the Superfund Group (originally named "Quadriga"), which launched its first managed futures fund in March 1996. Today the Superfund Group is serving its partners and clients through its offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He has a successful track record of over two decades of developing groundbreaking, fully systematic investment strategies and offering Superfund investments to retail investors in over 15 countries worldwide.


Mr. Baha is a pioneer of the managed futures industry, and has remained dedicated to making hedge funds available to the mass affluent. He has relentlessly followed his vision to provide private investors with the opportunity to benefit from alternate investment strategies. Mr. Baha was born in 1968 and is an Austrian national.


Baha Holdings, Inc. invests in early stage FinTech start-ups.

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